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So you're new to my resin jewelry blog. Just what can you expect to find?

  • Resin jewelry making! I talk about what's going on in the studio, current projects, tips, tricks, designs, success, failures, and future plans.
  • Mom stuff. I have 3 young boys and I talk from time to time about what I do with them.
  • Art decorating ideas. Sometimes I come across a great article or video about art collecting or home decorating that I love to share with readers.
  • Jewelry making class pictures. Whenever I teach a jewelry making class, I take pictures of everyone (assuming they're not in witness protection or were supposed to be somewhere else that night -- "Yes honey, I'm going to get a colonoscopy. No fun tonight for me.")
  • Random stuff. Flower pictures, food, wine
  • The Thursday rant. What's meant to be (mostly) funny look at something in my life.
Have suggestions?  Send them to  No investment opportunities, inheritances from long lost relatives, or erectile dysfunction medications without a prescription emails please.

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