Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting jewelry ready to sell at art shows

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Part of getting ready for an art show is more than just showing up. It actually requires the same planning as opening up a retail shop, except that this one is only open for 48 hours. When an artist applies for an art show and gets accepted, all he/she gets is an empty space.  No tent, no tables, no outside help from the show staff. 

Here's a little bit about what I have to do to get my jewelry ready to sell at an art show:

The week or so before I have the art show, I concentrate on the business side of things.  I might work on new jewelry, but I don't do so with the intention of needing to have it ready for the show that week.  It's much less stressful that way.

I make sure I have plenty of cards and cello bags to package jewelry in.  I also have gift boxes available for an small additional charge.

For this show, I decided to prepackage the majority of my sale jewelry.  It's such a mixture of pieces, it just doesn't display well.  It looks better packaged and placed in a basket.

All the sale jewelry is in the basket.  (There's also something about digging through and looking for a bargain.  Does that go back to the sandbox days?)  I also take the time to go through all the jewelry I'm selling and make sure it is polished and tarnish free.

I always have an assortment of chains and cords for necklaces available.  People have their preference for styles and length of chains, so I try to be prepared with a variety.  I also find that as I'm getting these items organized, it gives me the opportunity to reorganize and get rid of items I no longer need or are outdated.

I also have my preprinted materials ready to go.  This includes any signage, business cards, bags, and artist information cards.

With the next post, I hope to show you a little about how I manage to shove so much stuff into a vehicle for a weekend show!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Handcrafted jewelry on sale

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These are more pictures of jewelry I have on sale between now and the end of the Thornebrook Art Festival. If you see something you want, please contact me to place an order.

In case you missed them the other posts will sale jewelry and bali beads:
Artisan jewelry on sale
Bali beads on sale post 1
Bali beads on sale post 2

Sterling silver and nu gold discs with semi precious stones and glass beads.

Originally $50, will be $20

Semi precious stones on high polish sterling silver loops.

Originally $50, will be $20

Charoite and rhodonite pendant on patterned sterling silver and nu gold

Originally $85, will be $20  (This pendant also includes the chain)

Patterned and pressed sterling silver dome with a red jasper bead accent.

Orignally $40, will be $5

Assorted semi precious stones in diamond and oval shape sterling silver settings.

Originally $35, will be $15

Oxidized and polished sterling silver diamond shape earrings with semi precious stone briolettes.

Originally $50, will be $15.

Glass cat's eye cabochons with patterned sterling silver accents.  Assorted colors.

Originally $35, will be $10.

Assorted color semi precious stones set on patterned sterling silver with glass bead or semi precious stone hanging accents.

Originally $50, will be $20

Sterling silver loop earrings with aurora borealis finish glass chips.

Originally $28, will be $10

Sterling silver earrings with copper and nu gold accents.

Originally $35, will be $10

This fairly well covers everything that will be there.  See you this weekend at the Thornebrook Art Festival, booth 15 (green zone).  For those of you who have been coming for awhile, it's my same spot as previous years.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Handmade jewelry on sale

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We're almost to the Thornebrook Art Festival!  I'm preparing jewelry for my annual sale in conjunction with the show.  All my sale jewelry is the end of a series, when I'm just down to the last few.  There are no seconds or imperfects.  I've photographed the first batch and have them shown here:

Vintage cabochons in sterling silver.  Approximately 7/8 inches wide.

Normally $75 each, will be $25

I have a few of my infamous vintage cabochon pendants and earrings left.  The pendants are approximately 1 inch wide and the wire earrings 3/4 of an inch.

They are normally $18 and $30, respectively, but will be marked down to $5.

Melon coral and hematite (left) and pink coral and unakite (right).

Normally $75, will be $20.

Copper (top left), sterling silver (top right) and 14K gold fill (bottom).  All with a hammered texture.

Normally $18, $32 and $40 respectively.  Will be $10, $20 and $25.

Textured/patterned sterling silver with 14K gold fill accents.

Normally $30, will be $15

Sterling silver beads with nugold accents.

Normally $40, will be $10

Dichroic glass bezel set in sterling silver.

Normally $60, will be $10.

Patterned brass earrings, oxidized to highlight the detail.

Approximately 1 cm wide.  Normally $15, will be $5

Pearl hanging from a sterling silver loop.  (These have been some of my best sellers).

Normally $28, will be $10.

Sterling silver abstract designs.

Normally $25, will be $10

If you see something here you would like to purchase, please contact me.  I will be happy to take a credit card over the phone and hold your order for pick up at the show.  I am also happy to ship items via U.S. postal mail.  Shipping prices is $3 for the first item or $6 for two or more items.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sterling silver bali beads on sale

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I will have silver bali beads on sale at the Thornebrook Art Festival (first weekend in October) for $1.00 per gram. This is part 2 of the post showing pictures of some of the beads. (View Monday's post of the bali beads on sale.)

Coil style beads (approximately 5 to 6 mm round)

Large beads (approximately 12 mm across by 8 mm)

Spacer beads (approximately 6 to 7 mm across)

Spacer beads (approximately same size as above)

Heart shaped beads (approximately 6 to 7 mm across)

Beads caps (approximately 8 mm by 10 to 11 mm)

Rectangular tube beads (approximately 2 mm wide by 5 mm long)

Small beads (approximately 2 mm round)

I'll have pictures up Friday of some of the jewelry that will be on sale.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sterling silver bali beads on sale

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As I'm getting ready to put some jewelry on sale at the Thornebrook Art Festival in two weeks, I'm also cleaning out my studio to bring some sterling silver jewelry findings on sale as well.  I have taken some pictures of bali beads that are suitable for stringing, making earrings, etc.  The going price for sterling silver bali beads is $2.00 per gram.  Since there is a bit of tarnish on them, I will be selling them for $1.00 per gram.  They will sell on a first come, first served basis. 

If you want to purchase the beads now, please contact me and I will be happy to get you an order together.  I will not hold orders, however, without payment.  Shipping charges will apply if you do not want to pick up at the Thornebrook show.

Here are some sample pictures.  I will also list some on Wednesday of this week.

Hexagonal small (2-3 mm) beads

Bead caps (3-4 mm)

Bali beads suitable for having several strings go through at once (6 to 7 mm long by 3 to 4 mm wide)

Large beads (about the size of a marble)

Spacer beads (3 to 4 mm wide by 6 to 7 mm across)

Spacer beads about the same size as the beads listed above.

Bead caps (about 6 mm across)

Spacer beads with large holes

"Crescent roll" style beads (about 8 to 10 mm long)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Resin jewelry tips

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I found another resin jewelry making tips video to share with readers.  I also use the clear molds she uses in her video for the very reason:  being able to see the bubbles!  It is so much easier to find them when you can look from beneath.  This short 3 1/2 minute video will also give you an idea of what it looks like when you place found objects in the first layer of (clear) resin.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jewelry making class pictures - making a metal brooch

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I taught my forged wire brooch class at Gifts of Avalon in Gainesville (Florida) this past Monday night.  Once again, I had a dynamic group of students that was a quick learning bunch!

Students start by filing their pieces of sterling silver or copper wire they selected for their finished piece.  At far left is Chris (a perennial class attendee) and Brenda (center left).  Kathy (or at least half of her) is on the right side of the picture.

Derry was also new to my class.  She's filing her metal wire as well.

In making their brooches, students learned how to use a draw plate.  This is Linda getting ready to use a pair of draw tongs to pull her wire through the draw plate.

Once everyone pulled their wire down to make the brooch stem, it was time to shape and form it.  Brenda used a hammer to give some of the curves of her brooch a flat edge.

Cheryl (another class newbie) used round nose pliers to form the end of her pin to be the pin catch.

And here's the best part -- finished projects!

Brenda's pin, to which she added some beads as she was forming it.

Derry's finished pin.

Cheryl's finished pin.  I couldn't believe how quickly Cheryl adapted to using the draw plate.  She told me she had never done this before.  Quick learner!

Chris' finished pin which she proudly wore.

A closeup of Chris' pin.

Kathy (another new one to my class) was the only one who made her pin out of copper.  My photography doesn't do it justice!  She finished it with a soft, satin sheen and attached an aquamarine bead to dangle from the middle.

Kathy's pin really looked great on her black blouse.

Linda was having some artistic challenges during class, but I hope to help her finish it at another time.  I shared with her that sometimes taking a piece that has bad karma and throwing it in the scrap pile can be very therapeutic.  *smile*

My next class is the first Monday in October.  Hope to see you there!
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