Friday, October 30, 2009

What happens when pumpkins can't hold their liquor

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Just a warning this Halloween about letting your pumpkin have a few friends over and getting a little rowdy....

*Polite disclaimer: This is not my house! It was a picture someone sent to my sister and I thought it was too cute not to share. :) *

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pouring some resin into the formed mold

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It's hard for me to take pictures while I'm working on my jewelry. I try to set up my tripod and get some shots, but they tend to turn out just a bit blurry. Yesterday, I asked my husband to take a picture of me getting to ready to pour the resin into the mold I made in the previous posts.

Now, the disclaimer: My husband generally tries to stay as far away from all this as possible. He will help me set up and take down at shows, but doesn't necessarily want to get involved with anything else. Imagine his surprise when he came to the studio to see me like this!

Left: I'm getting ready to pour the resin. I have to wear a respirator, eye goggles, gloves, and something to keep my hair back. The individual components are not that bad in terms of smell and such, but when mixed, the fumes are very caustic. What you don't see is the "wind tunnel" I have also created using a fan to blow air straight past where I'm working an out the window behind me. Once I pour the resin, I can't re-enter the area for about two hours.

My husband's comment was "Are you dealing with nuclear stuff or something??? How dangerous is this stuff??" All of the sudden he thought he was going to have to run for cover or something like that.

For the next part, you will have to imagine me mixing and pouring. Since hubby didn't have a respirator, he couldn't stay to take pictures of that part.

Left: The finished pieces as they are coming out of the mold. See how they look like the original clay pieces I molded?

Now, the kicker in all this, I don't like the pieces. :( They aren't cleaning up evenly. (I still have to sand and polish past this point to get them nice and shiny.) It also looks like a strange shape when hanging from the ear.

Oh well, back to the drawing board..... Don't worry, I do have some other shapes I like and will have them at the show.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The next step in the resin jewelry making process

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My last post showed how I made the pieces that I want the finished jewelry to look like. In this post, I will show how I make the mold.

Left: I'm pouring out equal amounts of silicone. It's a relatively safe substance. I just need to wear gloves and protect the surface I'm working on. This is the same stuff that the entertainment industry uses to make costumes, masks, prostheses, and the like. I have to get the measurement exact, otherwise it won't cure correctly.

Left: I'm pouring one of the resin measurements into the other. I'm stirring as I'm mixing and will stir for another couple of minutes to make sure it's thoroughly mixed.

Left: Remember those clay pieces from the last post? They are adhered to the lid of a recycled yogurt container (where the bottom has been cut off). I'm pouring the silicone mixture on top of the clay pieces.

Left: I mix enough silicone to complete cover the pieces. Once I've got my models covered, I need to wait two hours for the silicone to set up.

Next post: The finished mold

Friday, October 16, 2009

Creating the new resin jewelry

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There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with making this new line of jewelry (or most anything I suppose for that matter). I want to share some pictures over the next few blog posts on how this jewelry happens.

To make this particular line of resin jewelry, I start with the end in mind. I will take modeling clay and make it into the shape I want my final pieces to look like.

Left: Modeling clay -- rather stiff, doesn't dry out quickly

Left: I'm making a "bullet" shape here. These pieces are done by hand. I've used wax too.

Left: A dish full of bullets. Next step is to bake in the oven for a few.

Next post: Using the clay pieces to make the mold.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winner of the necklace from the Thornebrook Art Show

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I am happy to announce that Vicki Griffith is the winner of the resin and purple recycled glass pendant from the Thornebrook Art Festival. Similar pieces will be available in just a few short weeks at the Downtown Festival and Art Show, November 14 and 15, in downtown Gainesville, Florida.

I thought it would be fun here to show how exactly the winner was chosen. Meet one of my cats, "Karma". I joke she has never heard the expression, "Curiosity killed the cat," but that actually works to my advantage in this case. I let her choose the winner since, it allows for any impartiality and it gives her a couple of minutes of entertainment and enrichment. Above left: I have called Karma to come investigate something. Remember the curiosity propensity??

Left: She considers her options. "Hmmm....a pile of paper, I must investigate, " she tells herself.

Left: "I must think about this for a moment. This is a tough decision."

Left: Alas, she picks a winner!

Karma sometimes joins me in the studio depending on what I'm working on. She won't be at the art shows, as much as she would like (she is quite friendly and unafraid of people), but she might be back on the blog from time to time.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thornebrook Art Festival wrap up

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I had a great time at the Thornebrook Art Festival in Gainesville this past weekend. I got a chance to catch up with customers and friends and enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people. I shared a preview of my new work with resin and recycled glass, (which was given away in a drawing --- watch for the next blog post to see the winner) and had some of my remaining sterling silver and 14k gold work on sale. For those of you who expressed sadness that I wouldn't be making the semi-precious stone jewelry again, don't despair! You never know when it might show up again. :)

I've included a few pictures from the Thornebrook Art Festival show.

In the meantime, I am working on my new line of resin jewelry in the studio. I will be posting pictures on this blog. I welcome comments and encourage everyone to ask questions. I am happy to share my processes. I am also redesigning the KMS Designs website to correspond with the new jewelry line. I hope everyone finds it a bit more user friendly.

The new resin and acrylic jewelry will be shown for the first time at the Downtown Festival and Art Show, downtown Gainesville, November 14 and 15, 2009. If you would like a reminder of the event, please register for my mailing list (link found at the right side of this page).
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