Saturday, May 03, 2008

Peanut wood earrings

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Peanut wood (from Australia) bezel set in sterling silver; top is bezel set citrines. Post earrings are hinged in the center. Measure 1 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inches wide
one of a kind

The peanut wood came from 3 brothers from Texas who travel around the world to mine the raw product themselves. I see them a few times a year and they always have great rocks and stories from their most recent adventure.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Peanut wood has been available for years,particularly at Tucson,always on Ebay.Big slabs only cost a fistful of dollars....

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    One of a kind? Peanut wood is five dollars a kilo in rough.Why are these tiny earings more than 30 times the price for one five-hundredth of the weight?

  3. I would invite you to seem them up close and personal! There certainly is value in the other stones (the citrines), plus the sterling silver. My time as an artist is also valuable. Thanks for your interest.


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