Monday, November 02, 2009

Pouring resin

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Just a few pictures to share with you as I pour resin into some of the sterling silver pieces.

You will have to use some imagination here too (hubby isn't the best photographer). :)

First, I have already formed and constructed the sterling silver pieces. That is a entire job onto itself.

Left: I'm mixing the resin. This pour happens to start with "crystal clear". It's a small amount and the measuring must be exact for it to cure properly.

Left: I'm adding the color pigments. I want just a "touch of pink" for this pour.

Left: I must stir again thoroughly to make sure the color gets mixed evenly.

Left: These are pieces that have been "set up" and are ready to receive the resin.

Left: I'm using a small syringe to place the resin EXACTLY where it needs to be.

The pieces need approximately 36 hours to cure. After that, they are all sanded by hand on both sides to get a nice neat and even appearance.

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