Saturday, February 13, 2010

Support your local businesses: the 3/50 rule

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I saw an interesting article in a newsletter the other day. It was encouraging people to follow the "3/50 rule". This rule is vow to spend at least $50 at 3 local businesses monthly in order to help your local economy. It's an interesting concept. I like the idea, but wanted to take it one step further and put it back on the businesses. You shouldn't expect people to support you. You should have to work hard and earn their trust and respect. Only then, will you have their business. I'll give you an example:

One of my favorite local businesses is Thornebrook Chocolates, in Thornebrook Village, which is in the 2000 block of NW 43rd Street in Gainesville. They are my go to place for chocolate for any special occasion. I'm in there at Christmas, Easter, and yes, Valentine's Day. They have a great selection of chocolates and items to fit any budget or need. So should I support them because they are a local business? I suppose, but I like to support them because they always have a great selection darned good chocolate! They have many items for me to choose from whether it be a personal gift to a loved one (see pink candy box above), a polite way of saying thank you to a colleague, or a last minute gift for a hostess. Could I find these on the internet, maybe, possibly, but these people are also pretty nice. I can call ahead if I'm running late and my order is ready. They realize at times they are super busy and they do everything they can to keep items in stock and get people checked out in a timely fashion. Thornebrook Chocolates knows confections and customer service.

Great customer service is something I also feel strongly about. It doesn't matter how great a piece of jewelry is if you don't like the process of buying it or dealing with the artist. While I would like to know that people support me because I'm local to them, I hope they support my business because I exceed their expectations.

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