Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Class projects: riveted metal

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I had the opportunity to teach another class last night at Gifts of Avalon. I thought it would be fun to share everyone's finished projects!

Last night's class was joining metal with rivets. Basically, you use metal rivets or metal tube to join pieces of metal together (much like the rivets on jeans). This piece is from Linda. She used brass rivets to join copper to sterling silver sheet. She stamped initials on the left side of her pendant. Linda had a surprise visit from her boyfriend who I think was impressed with her new skills.

These earrings are from Chris. She has taken several of my classes and I always enjoy hearing about her family. She stamped her children's initials on the top sterling piece and will rivet the sterling silver to copper underneath. She used sterling silver tube for her rivets.

Carol is my "overachiever" (*wink*). Her project was creating a sterling silver cutout of a heart to rivet on top of copper. Her pendant will also have tube rivets at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. I love that she always aims high in her projects.

(Another) Carol in the class made hammered copper earrings. They have sterling silver squares riveted to the top with brass rivets. Her earrings have a nice, shiny finish. This Carol was a complete newbie and made these earrings in about 2 hours!

I love teaching students! They force me to think in new ways. It's a good night for me as well.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Where are you doing classes. Would love to join in.
    I adore copper!

  2. Right now, I only teach classes at Gifts of Avalon in Gainesville, Florida. I do have aspirations, however, to have some "do it yourself" projects students can download.


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