Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Forged metal earrings jewelry making class pictures

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I taught another jewelry making class this week. It was a new class, but I had the fortune of having 5 of the 6 students as part of my regular, repeat student group. It was a really great class. Not so much because they made great jewelry (which they did), but because we laughed ourselves silly for most of the night. (Come to my next class and you'll meet which ones have concealed weapons licenses.)

Anyway, their creativity astounds me! This is just some random pictures of what went on in class.

Kathy's (there were two in the class) earrings hanging out on the class instruction page.

Judy is pounding out her earrings.

A lot of making these earrings was working them by hand.

Kathy is working her earrings by hand too.

Diana was the only newbie to my class (she's in the blue shirt).  I actually have known her for awhile.  It was good to have her in class.

Diana's getting a nice open "flower" on her copper pieces.

These were Chris' finished earrings.  They look so cool with the pearls hanging in the center.  (Why didn't I think of that??)

Earrings in waiting......  waiting for their pearls that is.

This is Claudia using a propane torch.  To make these earrings, you had to anneal the metal several times.  She was a bit worried about using "fire", but I explained a healthy fear of the torch is good.  Keeps you from doing something stupid.

The other Kathy made several pairs of copper earwires to share with her classmates.

More flowers waiting to be finished.

A little more hand work by Claudia.

It was a great evening and they already have me working on the next class.  I won't be teaching in December, but I will have something ready to go in January.

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