Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thankful Thursday

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Thanks to Nancy Grossi and her blog Wife of a Dairyman, I am now inspired to write a Thankful Thursday post.  While the Thursday rant was cheaper than a therapist, I think I need to go on a different path. 

Wait, a minute...I've got one more rant in me. 

If you remember back from a few months ago, I lamented like a really old woman about what's going on with this generation.  We are once AGAIN looking for another babysitter (maybe my kids aren't as well behaved as I thought), and imagine my surprise when the first girl I interviewed this time was a really, really good fit.  She was ready to take the job until I explained I needed a copy of her social security card so that I could file this with the IRS and pay the taxes and such.

"Oh, so this is like a real job.  Taxes are a lot of money.  I don't think I'm interested."

Yes, this is a real job.  Yes, taxes are a lot of money.  and by the way, YES, it's the law.

Do you think you can run that by Target or Macy's?  "I really want this job, but ya know, paying those taxes is a big burden on me.  Can we just not do that?"

Wow, I feel better.  Maybe I'll just have to do mix it up a bit with being thankful.

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