Thursday, June 03, 2010

A fun day with my peeps

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For anyone in the Gainesville or Alachua County Florida area needing something fun to do with their kids, I have a suggestion.  I took my kids the other day to the water/spray park in Alachua, Florida.  It's a part of their park complex just a couple of blocks from downtown.  My kids had a great time!  (All of mine are under age five.)  That's two of them in the picture here.  You can see there are fountains, sprinklers, and overhead water buckets that will dump on you.  (Pretty entertaining for little kids.)

As a mom, there was a few things I really liked.  It's completely fenced in with the entry gate something that only adults can reach to open and close.  It was very clean and the water was definitely chlorinated.  A park employee was there maintaining a few things (notice the barricades) and he was also quite nice.  There are some picnic benches close by so the adults can sit under trees and supervise.  It was during the week, so it wasn't crowded, but I hear it can get a bit busy on the weekends.  We will be going back!

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