Friday, June 11, 2010

Making new resin jewelry -- the next step

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A couple of weeks back, I showed the first part of the new resin bracelets I am designing.  I've got some pictures showing adding the layer of colored resin to the back of the links. 

These resin bracelet jewelry links are using the papers I have sealed.  (Notice there's no watermarks this time.)  I put them in the mold first with a layer of clear resin to make the "top" part of the bracelet link.  It takes three days in between pours to allow the resin plenty of time to cure.

You can see how different the papers look with a different color resin poured on the back of the bracelet link.  I think it gives some "character" to the paper design.

The links are about 1/2 inch total in height.  I haven't decided yet whether or not I want to mix the colors or keepthem all the same.

I try to keep the top layer of clear resin with the paper as thin as possible to allow me to get a thicker layer of color on the back.  (Just a note here, it wasn't the best lighting.  The pieces in the front are actually a deep red, not the bright orange red that they look like here.)

The next step will be to sand off any rough edges and string them onto a bracelet.  Stay tuned.

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