Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making resin jewelry bracelets, Part 1

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In my post from last week about which resin bracelet people preferred, the colorful, stretchy style won by a mile!  As I embark on making more of these, I want to include pictures on the process and just how it gets from a sketch pad to a finished piece of resin jewelry.

Part 1 of the resin bracelet making process

Before I ever start making the resin bracelets, I collect different kinds of paper to go in the bracelets.  These papers could be vintage papers, wall papers, computer generated art, and such.  I keep them all together and every so often go through them to group together ones that would be complementary in their presentation.  For these, I liked the flowers and the pinks and chose to pair these three together as a bracelet.


Before I can use the papers in the resin, I have to seal them.  I use a decoupage glue (general catch all term for many different kinds of sticky, sealing glue) to cover both sides of the paper.  What happens if I don't seal the papers?  See my blog post with one of my resin bracelet prototypes.

I use a wide paint brush (no particular quality) and apply a thin layer of the glue to both sides of the paper.  It's just enough to cover the paper, almost the same idea as basting a piece of meat on the grill.  I now have to let the paper dry a couple of hours before I can cut out the squares.

To be continued....

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