Monday, August 23, 2010

Metal jewelry making class examples

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I teach a jewelry making class at Gifts of Avalon, Gainesville, Florida, once monthly. My students are always pushing me to come up with new class ideas. For my class on October 4, I am showing students how to create a crimped pattern in both metal sheet and wire. The class examples are shown here.
No experience is necessary to take these classes.  Students only to need to pay the class fee.  A materials allowance is included with the class registration.

I teach students how to use the equipment we need for the project.  The store generally offers a discount to equipment purchases made on the day of the class.

I teach classes that don't require a torch.  There is so much to jewelry making that students can do without needing to use heat.

I also like to teach short, evening classes.  I think students have the best attention span that way and tend to get less frustrated.

Is there something you would like to see me teach?  I'm always open for suggestions.

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