Monday, December 20, 2010

Jewelry projects - What I'm working on now

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As far as my jewelry making business goes, holiday gifts are over by December 15. Most everyone has either purchased from me at a retail show, or have bought their jewelry and had it shipped. I sometimes will get a last minute order, but for the most part, the holiday is done. So what am I working on now?

These are a couple of new scrabble tile patterns I have almost finished.  I hope to have them photographed and on the KMS Designs website by the end of the year. 

Are those Valentine's Day heart jewelry patterns?  Yes!  While Christmas and Hanukkah may be over, the next holiday is just beginning.  In order for me to have enough Valentine's Day jewelry inventory, I have to start now.

This is a another tray of the resin and sterling silver jewelry.  This line of jewelry is at a crossroads for me.  I love to make it and customers are drawn to it.  The complication is that the price of silver continues to climb at an astronomical rate.  (As I write this, the price of silver is up 60 percent in the last four months alone.)  I am faced with the choice to continue making the pieces as I have been and raise prices, or find a way to make the pieces differently, at the same price, while still appealing to customers.  Stay tuned on this one.

The last (but certainly not least!) thing that I'm working on is getting ready for my first wholesale show in Orlando, Florida, next month.  I'm represented by and will be exhibiting there.  More to come on this big project!


  1. Good luck with your crossroads decision. I must admit these are my favourite of your pieces. Which ever way you go, good luck with it. It's one of those things sometimes you've gotta step back long enough to see a solution. I've been able to make resin pendants using just thick wire (& some plastine & masking tape). Resin is so versatile. Then again I'm not making very many at a time. With selling at shows etc you'd be making way more then I am.

  2. Jeanie,

    Thanks for the encouraging words! As I am getting ready for my wholesale show, I'm coming up with some other prototypes to show customers. I am hoping that will help guide in making a decision on what to do next.


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