Monday, April 18, 2011

Revisiting jewelry designs

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In case you missed my blog post from Friday, my next line of jewelry hit a rather large speed bump on the production highway and to say the least, I wasn't happy about it.  I had the weekend to regroup (and enjoy some wine instead of going postal) and decide what needed to happen next in order to get jewelry pieces into production.  The good news to share is that the pewter caster is seriously motivated about getting my pieces suitable for jewelry.  We're faxing and emailing sketches back and forth and hopefully this all will work out.  I'm a bit relieved as they're trying very hard to make these jewelry pieces suitable for my next line of resin jewelry and help me with my deadline of having finished jewelry to go to ACRE Las Vegas.

The other interesting thing about this "incident" is that it made me realize that you need different friends for different situations.  In my crankiness, I called a good friend just to vent.  This just turned out to be another incident of "I should have know better".  This friend is one of the few that I have that will be honest, and brutally so, if necessary.  I already knew I had been too stupid and trusting of the others involved in the process and took a risk by not inspecting each step after completion. Yes, you're already thinking it, I got the infamous, completely unhelpful, "I told you so" speech.  Yeah, not anywhere close to what I needed at that moment. 

So this entire situation begs the question, do you have different friends for different moments? 

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