Monday, October 19, 2009

The next step in the resin jewelry making process

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My last post showed how I made the pieces that I want the finished jewelry to look like. In this post, I will show how I make the mold.

Left: I'm pouring out equal amounts of silicone. It's a relatively safe substance. I just need to wear gloves and protect the surface I'm working on. This is the same stuff that the entertainment industry uses to make costumes, masks, prostheses, and the like. I have to get the measurement exact, otherwise it won't cure correctly.

Left: I'm pouring one of the resin measurements into the other. I'm stirring as I'm mixing and will stir for another couple of minutes to make sure it's thoroughly mixed.

Left: Remember those clay pieces from the last post? They are adhered to the lid of a recycled yogurt container (where the bottom has been cut off). I'm pouring the silicone mixture on top of the clay pieces.

Left: I mix enough silicone to complete cover the pieces. Once I've got my models covered, I need to wait two hours for the silicone to set up.

Next post: The finished mold

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