Monday, October 26, 2009

Pouring some resin into the formed mold

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It's hard for me to take pictures while I'm working on my jewelry. I try to set up my tripod and get some shots, but they tend to turn out just a bit blurry. Yesterday, I asked my husband to take a picture of me getting to ready to pour the resin into the mold I made in the previous posts.

Now, the disclaimer: My husband generally tries to stay as far away from all this as possible. He will help me set up and take down at shows, but doesn't necessarily want to get involved with anything else. Imagine his surprise when he came to the studio to see me like this!

Left: I'm getting ready to pour the resin. I have to wear a respirator, eye goggles, gloves, and something to keep my hair back. The individual components are not that bad in terms of smell and such, but when mixed, the fumes are very caustic. What you don't see is the "wind tunnel" I have also created using a fan to blow air straight past where I'm working an out the window behind me. Once I pour the resin, I can't re-enter the area for about two hours.

My husband's comment was "Are you dealing with nuclear stuff or something??? How dangerous is this stuff??" All of the sudden he thought he was going to have to run for cover or something like that.

For the next part, you will have to imagine me mixing and pouring. Since hubby didn't have a respirator, he couldn't stay to take pictures of that part.

Left: The finished pieces as they are coming out of the mold. See how they look like the original clay pieces I molded?

Now, the kicker in all this, I don't like the pieces. :( They aren't cleaning up evenly. (I still have to sand and polish past this point to get them nice and shiny.) It also looks like a strange shape when hanging from the ear.

Oh well, back to the drawing board..... Don't worry, I do have some other shapes I like and will have them at the show.

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