Friday, October 01, 2010

Getting resin jewelry ready for sale

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I'm happy to say that as I've been getting ready for the Thornebrook Art Festival this week, I've also had the opportunity to ship out some sale jewelry. Customers have come to know that this is the only time of year I put my jewelry on sale and pounce on it with some zeal!  I did a post earlier in the summer on how I package jewelry to ship to customers.  In case you're wondering what happens once you place an order, you can see I carefully inspect and package the resin jewelry before I box it up to ship.

I put the finishing touches on some resin scrabble tile pendants and wanted to share some pictures.

These are finished pendants on a tray.  The resin has completely cured.  (Almost looks like a tray of cookies -- to me anyway)

A close up of the pendants.  A little hodge podge of all the retro, and art deco designs I have ready right now.

I'm applying the silver tone bails with a high quality acrylic adhesive.  I "eyeball" where the bail goes and place it on the pendant. 

I leave them for several hours to completely dry before moving them.

Once they're completely dry, I stack them in "recycled" storage boxes.  I place them in one layer at a time with wax paper in between.

I will have some pictures next week of me getting my booth ready for art festivals.  I hope to see you this weekend, but if not, mark your calendars for the first weekend in November for the Downtown Festival and Art show!

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