Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting jewelry ready to sell at art shows

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Part of getting ready for an art show is more than just showing up. It actually requires the same planning as opening up a retail shop, except that this one is only open for 48 hours. When an artist applies for an art show and gets accepted, all he/she gets is an empty space.  No tent, no tables, no outside help from the show staff. 

Here's a little bit about what I have to do to get my jewelry ready to sell at an art show:

The week or so before I have the art show, I concentrate on the business side of things.  I might work on new jewelry, but I don't do so with the intention of needing to have it ready for the show that week.  It's much less stressful that way.

I make sure I have plenty of cards and cello bags to package jewelry in.  I also have gift boxes available for an small additional charge.

For this show, I decided to prepackage the majority of my sale jewelry.  It's such a mixture of pieces, it just doesn't display well.  It looks better packaged and placed in a basket.

All the sale jewelry is in the basket.  (There's also something about digging through and looking for a bargain.  Does that go back to the sandbox days?)  I also take the time to go through all the jewelry I'm selling and make sure it is polished and tarnish free.

I always have an assortment of chains and cords for necklaces available.  People have their preference for styles and length of chains, so I try to be prepared with a variety.  I also find that as I'm getting these items organized, it gives me the opportunity to reorganize and get rid of items I no longer need or are outdated.

I also have my preprinted materials ready to go.  This includes any signage, business cards, bags, and artist information cards.

With the next post, I hope to show you a little about how I manage to shove so much stuff into a vehicle for a weekend show!

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