Monday, May 31, 2010

Find my resin jewelry in New Hampshire!

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I am pleased to announce that I can now be found at Tulips, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The store is owned by a mother/daughter team.  They have been in business for 29 years and recently moved into a new location at 62 Market Street.  While I was getting their order ready to ship out UPS this morning, I thought it would be fun to show everyone what I do to get resin jewelry ready to ship to customers and boutiques.
I've got my items laid out on my kitchen table.  I store the resin pieces individually in plastic ziploc bags and identify them with an inventory number on the outside of the bag.  I try to be environmentally friendly and reuse bags whenever possible.  I go over every piece one more time before sending and give another light coat of wax before it goes on its way.

The orange and yellow resin pendant on the right is in its storage bag.  Before I ship, I wrap the resin jewelry with tissue paper and repackage back into bags.

I include artist information cards to go with each purchase.  It gives customers a chance to get to me and my resin jewelry a little better.  I also include resin and sterling silver jewelry care instructions.

I also include a general "fact sheet" about KMS Designs and my resin and silver jewelry.  It gives the businesses more in depth information about me, my resin jewelry making processes, and resin jewelry care.  I also include information about how I make jewelry with sustainable jewelry making production methods.  I also recycle boxes in good condition.  The box at the right has been saved from a previous shipment of jewelry goods and materials.

Finally, I add some extra packing materials (recycled styrofoam peanuts) and send the package on its way.  I generally send items via postal mail, but this box is going UPS ground.  I can also do FedEx as well.  I have email notifications set up to let the customer know when the package ships.  Plus, there is a tracking number so anyone can find out where the package is at any moment.

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