Monday, March 21, 2011

It's spring (in Florida anyway)

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I realize there are still some people digging out from underneath snow banks, but it's spring here in Gainesville, Florida. I'm enjoying all the pretty flowers, shrubs and trees in my yard, that are doing well IN SPITE of anything I do (or don't do).

These are a couple of the Hawthornes in front of my house.  They get the white flowers in the spring and just have the green leaves the rest of the year.

I love the fuschia (did I spell that right) pink on the azaleas.  This year, they're blooming in waves.  One year I was lucky that they all bloomed at once in front of my house.  Wow!

This is more of an orange pink flower on the azaleas on the side of the house.  Still pretty nice, but I like the other pink color better.

The orange blossoms are out on my orange tree.  You truly can't appreciate these without having the opportunity to smell them.  Too bad we don't have "smell-o-vision" yet.

A close up of the orange blossoms.  I had to dodge the bumble bees to get the picture.  They like them too.

As much as I love these, I miss that I don't get to have tulips.  I've heard that I can have them by putting the bulbs in the freezer then planting, but green thumb I AM NOT.  In fact if there was a "plants rights" organization, I would be on their most wanted list.

So what are you most looking forward to see this spring?

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