Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thornebrook Festival pictures

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I am FINALLY getting around to getting pictures up from the Thornebrook Art Festival this past weekend. What I've been so busy doing the last few days will be in a few future blog posts.

I completely revamped my booth for the festival.  While the wooden boxes with the glass were very artsy, I desperately needed something I could easily handle myself.  I used two folding tables and covered them with ivory tablecloths.  I used risers to bring them up to counter height. 

This festival also kicked off my once a year sale.  You can see all the sale items in the basket on the right.  (By the way, I'm working on getting more sale items on the KMS Designs website).  Stay tuned.

The colorful wire flowers made another appearance.  The picture doesn't really do them justice.  The resin and pewter jewelry looked great on them and they made a nice pop of color on the table.

Isn't if funny how the scrabble tile pendants display nicely on the scrabble game racks??  The flowers and circles are the little foam sticker types that you can get at a craft store.  They were a last minute addition to break up the whiteness of the table.

There was Halloween jewelry galore!  Get your ghost on and be ready for the holiday.

The funny part for me?  Not a single customer said anything about the new display.  Here I worry and fuss over the little details and no one said anything.  Not that I was expecting people to oogle, but I was a bit concerned that people wouldn't know it was me since I had changed the display.  I suppose this also turned out to be an interesting experiment in human behavior.  (Although several customers said they were looking for me in this spot.  Sounds like location is more important that appearance.)

Overall, I really liked how the booth finished and it was MUCH easier for me to handle by myself.  You will see this again at the Downtown Festival and Art show in November, but ramped up a bit more.

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