Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day one at the ACRE Orlando show

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Phew! Day one is done!  The lesson for today:  what I didn't make in sales, I gained in incredible knowledge and experience. 

My finished booth setup is at left.  I set my table with an assortment of the resin jewelry.  I like not having to keep it under glass, and I know the gallery and store owners appreciate that as well.  Can't blame them one bit for touching before buying.  (I have talked to many other artists who have said they have never had anything stolen.  Too bad all art shows couldn't be like that!)  The crowd is about a tenth of what I see at art festivals, so it never got crowded (or least the crowded that I'm used to).  It was nice having the time to talk with other galleries and shop owners to understand which of my jewelry pieces is the best fit for them. 

I also had a separate pedestal with my mailing list signup cards and a laptop computer with examples of my work.

I will admit, I didn't like how everything looked.  It was a bit of a hodge podge.  I knew that this was most likely going to be the case as I was preparing for the show, but did the best I could.  The other artists here have been INCREDIBLY helpful in helping me come up with new booth design ideas for next year. 

This is an assortment of the resin and sterling silver jewelry.  Since I've only got a 6 foot table to work with, I couldn't put everything out.

This yellow, red and purple resin pendant that was the biggest hit of the show.  Everyone gave me different reasons why they liked it.  Funny how it was everyone's favorite, but for different reasons.

I displayed some some of the resin pendants on black busts.  (And yes, in case you noticed, the organza ribbon necklaces are new.)

All said, I have had a great experience.  This show may not be a money maker right away, but what I have learned in the first day will help me to have better shows in the future.

Another side note to today: remember how I talked about the photography class I took yesterday?  I got a chance to speak with the guy who taught the class.  I was up front about how I was overwhelmed with all the information and he gave me a link to see it all in print.  Woo Hoo!  That will also be on the to-do list when I get home.


  1. Your biggest hit - the yellow, red and purple resin pendant. I love it because it is vibrant and will go with a few things in my wardrobe (wit the use of 3 colours). What other reasons did you receive?

  2. I heard that people liked the shape and the asymmetry. I think the bright colors were the main reason too.


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