Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting ready for the ACRE Orlando wholesale art show

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I have spoken with a couple of people in charge of organizing the ACRE Orlando show.  I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  In preparation for the show, I decided I needed a couple more things that I didn't already have.

I need some larger, duplicate purchase order forms.  I have something similar for art festivals, but they are smaller and meant only to be a purchase receipt.  I wanted something larger that I can take a lot of notes on.

Another art friend of mine told me that he had better luck getting people to sign up for his mailing list when he had people put their information into a ballot box.  Hmm.  Is it because their information is more private (no one else has to know that you want to be on my list), or is it because the box is more obvious and easier for people to see to include their information?  I don't know, but I will put it out to gather contact names from this show.

Even though I'm being provided with a table, I wanted to do something to "jazz it up" a bit.  I went by my local Target store and got a table runner to include over the top.  You may not be able to tell well from the picture, but it's four stripes that gradually go from a silver gray to a dark, taupe gray.  The runner looks good with black, taupe, and silver, so I should be set.  The black tablecloth is for a counter height stand I'm taking to put the box on for mailing list contact information.

I'll be getting everything packed this weekend.  The countdown is on!

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