Thursday, June 23, 2011

I hate grocery shopping

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*This is a part of the Thursday rant series, a tongue in cheek look at my life.*

I've been asked a time or two just how I get everything done in my day.  One thing that helps (that took me a couple of years to realize) is that hubby does all the grocery shopping.  Now before you go all, "Aww" on me, it's really not a huge deal for him since he works there.  He's a bit of a bargain hound and knows where everything is.  This past Sunday was the first time in awhile that I've had to go to the grocery store with more than three items on my list.  (It was Father's Day after all, so he deserved that day off.)

Three little boys had to go with me as well.


What would have been a 7 or 8 minute trip for him turned into about to be 45 minutes for me, not to mention that I didn't get everything on the list.

I won't go into everything, but here's a few of my complaints:
  • Why can't every store be laid out the same?  (He works for a chain grocery store and hears this complaint from others as well.)
  • Why can't all of the same item be in one place?  I shouldn't have to look for ready made mashed potatoes in the dairy and meat sections.
  • There needs to be a big cage on wheels that I can put the peeps in.  Is that legal?
What bugs you about shopping?

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