Thursday, June 30, 2011

Since when did you need a bank loan to go to the movies?

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*This is a part of the Thursday rant series, a tongue in cheek look at my life.*

I had the opportunity to visit with family this week.  They don't live close, and I wanted to make sure my peeps had the chance to do some fun things with their older cousin.  All four of them LOVED the first "Cars" movie.  So when my sister found out we were going to be there when "Cars 2" was hitting the theater, she thought it would be a good time to take all of them to see it.

Little did I know that prices had gone up since the last time since I went to the movies.

If you would have told me before I went that I would pay the price of a really nice pair of shoes for two adults and three children for tickets, drinks and popcorn I would have said that you were smoking crack.  Apparently crack has gotten expensive.  All that came to just under $80.

How is a family of five supposed to do that on a regular basis??  Seriously, Hollywood.  While my boys loved the experience, next time, we'll just wait for the DVD.

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