Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures of Karma

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Yes, you're reading that correctly.  I have pictures of Karma...the cat that is.  (She is quite happy one of my blog readers wrote to check in on her.  "Eh - hem...that's the only time I get on the blog anymore..")

I had to interrupt bird watching time.  She's kinda getting to be a big girl.  Karma is declawed, so I think her only hope to get one is to smother it.

"Oh, you would like my picture?  Good enough now am I?"

"Let me get comfortable.  You're not going to have one of those little rug rats use me as a pillow in this picture, are you?"

(P.S.  Any and all fan mail can be sent to my email: Put Attn: Karma in the subject line)

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