Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wine tasting in northern Virginia

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I'm spending a few days with family in northern Virginia, and my sister (also a wine enthusiast), suggested we do a tasting at one of her local favorites, Sunset Hills Vineyard.  I am always up for a good afternoon of wine, so I jumped at the opportunity.  We left our peeps with our hubbies and away we went.

This is the view as you head up the driveway.   I love seeing local agriculture at work.

The beautiful barn where the tastings are held was Amish built. 

They have beautiful patio seating for anywhere from events to just stopping in to enjoy wine and tapas.

This is the view from the inside of the barn tasting room.  The picture doesn't do the barn justice.  The attention to detail is incredible.

We didn't get to taste this wine, but this is one of my sister's favorite.  We had it with dinner a few nights earlier.

The deck from the upper level has the most incredible views!  You can see more of the vines that you didn't see when driving in.

Another spectacular view from the balcony.

It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon and a way to enjoy some local wine.

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