Saturday, June 04, 2011

Resin jewelry booth at ACRE Las Vegas

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I'm blogging this to you today while I'm at the ACRE Las Vegas show.  The last 36 hours have had some good and not so good moments.  But I'm here now and things are going.

It started yesterday at 4 AM ET with an alarm clock telling me it was time to get the day started.  I REALLY needed about 6 more hours of sleep.  I had been burning the midnight oil getting the new resin and pewter jewelry line going, including being up late the night before.  A pot of coffee and kisses from my peeps to wish me well, and I left for the Orlando airport.  No, the sun was not up yet.

Other than the normal inconveniences of flying (body scans, removing half your clothing, having to give up that bottle of lotion I forgot was in my purse), that part went well.  Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and too much caffeine caught up with me.  By the time I landed in Vegas, nausea had taken up most of my thought processes and a migraine wasn't too far behind it.  Luckily, my friend Maggie was with me and helped tote the luggage from the airport to the hotel and then on to the convention center.

It was only 3 PM local time when we got started setting up the booth, but I was still on east coast time and seriously needed a nap. 

This is what the booth looked like when we started.  Another 10 foot by 5 foot space with a table and chair.

I had packed everything into three suitcases and one carry on bag.  I flew Southwest, so two bags are free.  My friend checked one of the others as hers.  After the "pain in the keister" factor of lugging around big, heavy bags, I would at least look into having my materials freighted out here ahead of time, especially if I'm doing the show by myself.  (You can have items sent here ahead of time and they are at your booth waiting for you.  No hernias - no headaches - but there's the cost of the freight - bags are free on Southwest)

I designed by new resin jewelry booth display back in February.  Here's my first opportunity to put it to work!

First thing I did was to put up the ivory colored sidewalls over the silvery ones.  (The cover of the table in the picture is the silver).  I also hung 4 pictures (one you can't see), and I hung the lights.

Next was the pink table cover and the green floor.

This was as far as I got on Friday afternoon.  I couldn't decide which was going to happen first:  my head exploding or regurgitating my breakfast.  I am absolutely embarrassed to say that I was in bed by 5 PM local time.  (probably against the law in a party town like Vegas).

The jewelry finally got put out on the table Saturday morning.  (Notice Maggie kneeling next to the table.)  For this show, I only brought scrabble tile and resin jewelry and my new line of resin and pewter jewelry.

I have 20 different themes of scrabble tile jewelry for display.

A closeup view of the new line of pewter and resin jewelry.  I'm happy with how this line has turned out.

My last thing to share with you is the cute little flower jewelry displays I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I was in there to get table risers, and found this as a little bonus. 

I'll have more updates to share soon!

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