Monday, July 25, 2011

What I'm working on now

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I have been working on a plan for what I will be doing with my jewelry making and jewelry business over the next 6 months.

1.  Jewelry for holiday sales

Uh, seriously?  Like it's 8 million degrees outside.  What's the rush?

I have two shows scheduled locally here this fall, the Thornebrook Art Festival, and the Downtown Gainesville Fall Festival and Art Show.  I want to make sure I've got enough inventory so that I don't feel rushed, something I hate as I get older. 

Having enough inventory is also important since I expect my wholesale customers will start placing orders to stock their store for holidays as early as September.

2.  New jewelry designs

Don't you already have new work?  Do you ever stop??

Whether it's the resin and sterling silver jewelry or the pewter and resin jewelry, I have to plan ahead to have multiples available.  Since both lines involve lost wax casting, I have to add 2 to 3 months time for production, as I rely on outside companies to make them for me.  If I want to have new designs for the ACRE Orlando, I need to, at a minimum, get designs in the sketch book now.

3.  Booth Design

You obsess about this don't you?

Why yes, I do.  I know I only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention enough to get them to stop.  I've been playing with a few booth designs and still haven't quite settled on anything, but I think I'm closer.  But maybe not. 

4.  Website upgrade

Haven't we heard about this before?  I've been waiting you know.

Yes, you have.  The overall look and feel of the KMS Designs website will be the same, but I desperately want a more user friendly shopping cart system (both for me and shoppers).  I swear to you I had hoped to have it up by now, but, happens.

5.  Package sale jewelry

Ooh sale?!  I love a good sale!

I have my one an only sale in conjunction with the Thornebrook Art Festival.  I have items nicely packaged, priced and placed in a nice basket.  Peel off the sticker and no one will ever know you got a deal.  *smile*

So what are you working on?

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