Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outdoor festival jewelry booth design

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In case you haven't noticed, I've missed a couple of blog posts in the last few days.  If having TWO batches of resin that didn't cure properly (mostly hard, but sticky like scotch tape when you touched them) wasn't bad enough, I've gotten the wild hair to redo my outdoor art festival jewelry booth.

This is my current booth.  It is composed of wooden boxes with collapsible glass boxes on top.  The boxes themselves don't collapse, but the legs do come off the bottom.  I get lots of great comments on it, so why change?

Couple of reasons:

  1. I don't think it fits the resin jewelry style.  I think this display is a good match for sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry, but little too "snooty" for resin jewelry.
  2. It's a bit cumbersome to lug around.  For shows like the Downtown Festival and Art show, in Gainesville in November, where I can't set up until Saturday morning, there is no way I can set this up by myself in time for the show. 
  3. It's time for a change.
So here's what took me five days to come up with.  (Thanks to Google Sketch Up for the help.)

First, let me say, the wall and floor colors are a bit more "intense" than what I would say they will be, but you'll get the idea.

The floor is actually the brick road street downtown.  Unfortunately, it isn't as level as the picture shows.

The long table is 2 four foot tables put together.  It is draped with ivory tablecloths, with a table runner on top.  The table runner matches some jewelry display novelty items I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond a couple of months ago for my wholesale show.  The table runner is ivory with a few large flowers on it.

The walls are going to be a sheer drapes in the aqua color.  My hope is that they will give enough color without feeling heavy.

The three hanging wall items will be jewelry displayed in a frame at eye level.

So you might be asking, why not go over the top color like what I did with my wholesale art jewelry booth?  I did think about out.  Really, I did.  All I can say is now I understand why fashion designers put out the big over-the-top fashion pieces -- to grab attention.  I think the wholesale booth does a great job of drawing business and art gallery owners in and making it crystal clear that my jewelry is about fun and color.  I'm a bit concerned that the same "over the top" approach to retail customers may be too much.

What do you think? 

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