Friday, May 21, 2010

The cost of being unorganized

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I have been working for some time now to get my studio cleaned up so that I can get pictures and a video for everyone to have a "virtual tour."  While it may not be as bad as the picture shown here, that's what it has felt like some days!  I have learned in the process that my lack of organization skills have not only cost me the time of looking for stuff (aargh!), but I have also spent more on supplies than I should have (bigger aargh!)

Here's what I have learned:

  • I have ruined some equipment and/or materials because I didn't put them away properly.  Files have rusted, flux got spilled, materials dried out.
  • I have bought more of something because I couldn't find it.  Mainly I was finding out that I bought multiples of mostly metal findings because when I couldn't find them, I assumed I needed more.  Not so.  I had just put them in a place that I didn't think to look in when I needed more.
  • I have cost myself a small fortune in returning things!  When I ordered something, it went to the studio.  When I ended up returning items, I didn't get them all returned.  Either I ended up paying return shipping charges twice or I ended up not returning them at all since they were out of date.

So, I post all of this in my blog so that I can share with you my new "Studio Resolutions".

  1. I will start to clean up and put away materials 30 minutes before my intended quit time.  (Before, I would work until the absolute last minute of when I needed to quit.)
  2. When in doubt, find it a new home!  I'm finding all sorts of fun rocks, findings, silver, and other neat things that I have made the decision that either I will never use or don't need anymore.  I won't list them here, but if someone reading this has a specific request for something, email me
  3. I will remind myself to "put it away" or find it a logical home.  I've really been concentrating the last few weeks on getting things organized in a logical fashion (e.g. all the metal findings in one place, tools in another, etc.).  This also includes labeling the outside of containers or using clear containers so that I can more easily find jewelry supplies and tools.

I will let everyone know how this goes.  Maybe I will inspire the rest of my family to keep the house cleaned up just as well.  (laughing hysterically here.....)

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