Monday, May 24, 2010

My tribute to Law & Order

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I can't believe the television show Law and Order is over!  I have always felt like it was the perfect show on television.  It didn't matter if you had never seen an episode before, you could sit down and watch it and be perfectly entertained; no backstories to worry about understanding or characters to know about.  You can watch episodes from the 90's and still find them interesting.  It was simply an hour of entertaining television.  Now it's gone!

For those of you who see me at shows, you may also remember seeing my friend Maggie helping me with sales and customers.  She too is a Law and Order fan.  We watched it many times in hotel rooms while doing art shows on the weekends.  When I was expecting my twins, I joked that they will know the "bloop-bloop" as soon as they're born.

Oh well, let's hope the Law and Order: Los Angeles is a good replacement.

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