Friday, May 14, 2010

My little garden is growing!

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Remember my plants I put in pots in my patio?  Well they are growing and thriving!  (much to my surprise).  I'm not a green thumb at all, so I'm quite excited to see them doing well.

This is my cherry tomato plant.  He is growing pretty good.  (He looks a little droopy, but I gave him some water right after I took this picture.)

Little green tomatoes!

My pepper plant with some baby peppers on it (bottom center).  There is another one hidden under a leaf.  I don't remember exactly which kind this is, but I remember it was "medium" heat.  I thought it would be something good for fresh salsa.

And the basil is thriving!  I've heard they love it hot and humid (perfect Florida day for them I suppose).  Can't wait to have enough to make some fresh pesto.

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