Monday, September 27, 2010

Handcrafted jewelry on sale

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These are more pictures of jewelry I have on sale between now and the end of the Thornebrook Art Festival. If you see something you want, please contact me to place an order.

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Sterling silver and nu gold discs with semi precious stones and glass beads.

Originally $50, will be $20

Semi precious stones on high polish sterling silver loops.

Originally $50, will be $20

Charoite and rhodonite pendant on patterned sterling silver and nu gold

Originally $85, will be $20  (This pendant also includes the chain)

Patterned and pressed sterling silver dome with a red jasper bead accent.

Orignally $40, will be $5

Assorted semi precious stones in diamond and oval shape sterling silver settings.

Originally $35, will be $15

Oxidized and polished sterling silver diamond shape earrings with semi precious stone briolettes.

Originally $50, will be $15.

Glass cat's eye cabochons with patterned sterling silver accents.  Assorted colors.

Originally $35, will be $10.

Assorted color semi precious stones set on patterned sterling silver with glass bead or semi precious stone hanging accents.

Originally $50, will be $20

Sterling silver loop earrings with aurora borealis finish glass chips.

Originally $28, will be $10

Sterling silver earrings with copper and nu gold accents.

Originally $35, will be $10

This fairly well covers everything that will be there.  See you this weekend at the Thornebrook Art Festival, booth 15 (green zone).  For those of you who have been coming for awhile, it's my same spot as previous years.

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  1. All jewelries are beautiful. Its hard to pick favorite. Nice piece of Handcrafted jewelry.
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