Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sterling silver bali beads on sale

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I will have silver bali beads on sale at the Thornebrook Art Festival (first weekend in October) for $1.00 per gram. This is part 2 of the post showing pictures of some of the beads. (View Monday's post of the bali beads on sale.)

Coil style beads (approximately 5 to 6 mm round)

Large beads (approximately 12 mm across by 8 mm)

Spacer beads (approximately 6 to 7 mm across)

Spacer beads (approximately same size as above)

Heart shaped beads (approximately 6 to 7 mm across)

Beads caps (approximately 8 mm by 10 to 11 mm)

Rectangular tube beads (approximately 2 mm wide by 5 mm long)

Small beads (approximately 2 mm round)

I'll have pictures up Friday of some of the jewelry that will be on sale.

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