Friday, September 03, 2010

Resin Bracelet - How to Make resin jewelry

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In the process of reviewing my google alerts this week for resin jewelry, I found this cute little video on resin jewelry making. While the video's star, Jennifer Perkins, does things differently than I do, I think viewers can watch it and get a great perspective on making resin jewelry. Maybe you will be inspired to make your own!


  1. I 'eye-balled' this some time ago, I found it fascinating and great entertainment at the same time. Rewatching it again I want to put a pair of gloves on her. Gotta admit I wouldn't mind trying this. I recently used a 100% silicon mini-muffin tray, which worked, but the backs of the pieces aren't flat as the material was very flexible & didn't sit fat. Oh well, its was good fun to experiment.

  2. I want to put gloves on her too!! I'm a bit of a safety freak and will wear a respirator if I'm working with polyester resin. I don't know what kind she used, but those fumes can be overwhelming!

    She is also a bit more relaxed about how much catalyst she uses. I am quite fussy about measuring mine so that I know why something did or did not work. Perhaps she is in an environment where her resin always sets perfectly. Here in Florida, the humidity impacts resin curing more than I wish it did.


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