Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checklist for wholesale jewelry show

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I'm heading out to the ACRE Las Vegas wholesale show next week.  This is my checklist I'll be going over for the show.  (Actually, this is the same checklist from the ACRE Orlando show, with a few changes and improvements.  My "lessons learned" are in italics.)

Jewelry.  I'll be taking a large sampling of the scrabble tile jewelry and the new pewter and resin jewelry line.  After attending my first wholesale show in January of this year, I've got a better idea of how much of each style to bring to give shop and gallery owners and idea of what the work is like.

Large duplicate invoice pads.  I need to make sure I have plenty of room to get all the contact information and the specifics of the order.  Plus I need to be sure I keep a copy for myself.  I brought too many for the Orlando show.  I won't bring near as many to Las Vegas (which is especially important since I'm packing to go on a plane.)

Fact sheets about me, KMS Designs, and my jewelry.  Knowing that many of the attendees are coming to gather information and (hopefully) place orders, I need to give them pertinent facts that they can review later and place and order.  I also overdid this for the Orlando show.  I take about a third of what I did before and make more copies later in case I need to.

Mailing list signup.  I need a list and method to collect email addresses for vendors to receive contact from me about what's going on within my jewelry business.  I had forms for vendors to fill out, but actually found that getting their business card was sufficient.

Laptop computer.  This will allow me to coordinate the orders with my account on the ACRE wholesale crafts website.  It will also give me the chance to show gallery and boutique owners my Flickr jewelry page, which has pictures of me doing works in progress.  (There is wi-fi at the show.)  I'm glad I had my computer with me more than I thought I would have.  Definitely will be taking this item with me to Las Vegas.

Business cards.  I need people to have a way to contact me, whether by phone, email or my twitter and facebook pagesYep, those were good to have.

Signage about the jewelry prices and a bit of information about how they are made.  This might be overkill, but I like people to get information without having to feel "embarassed" to ask.  I'm taking it one step further this time and am going to have pictures of my jewelry hanging from the walls of the booth.  I need something that people can see from across the aisle to draw them in.

Jewelry display materials.  This includes my velvet displays, tablecloths, and risers.  I'm also taking some DIY wooden shelves to set up as well.  That means I'll need to bring a screwdriver set.

Track lighting, zip ties, and extension cord.  Since the show will be indoors, I need to bring extra lighting so people can fully appreciate the jewelry.  I'm bringing a portable light system this time along with the ties and extension cords.

Cart and associated bungee cords.  It's not going to be a short trip between my booth and my vehicle.  No cart and cords this time.  All but one of the suitcases has wheels.  I'm hoping I don't hate myself in the end for toting all these suitcases around. 

A few new items to go on this trip:  

Table risers.  This will add an extra 6 inches of height to the table.  It will be taller than a kitchen table, but not quite counter height.

Bird netting.  No, I'm not going bird hunting while I'm out there, but I need something to put across the booth to make it "secure".  In Orlando, I draped everything with a sheet, which shuffled everything around daily.  

Fishing line.  I need it to hang the pictures.

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