Friday, May 06, 2011

Wholesale jewelry booth - ACRE Las Vegas

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Wow!  It's coming together! 

I'm on the downhill slide of my new resin jewelry booth that will be at the ACRE Las Vegas show.  Here's the list and here's how it's going:

Floor tiles - here, packed and ready to go
Portable track lighting - also here packed and ready to go

Here's what I ordered today:

Table cover, clips to hang photographs on the walls, ivory colored panels to hang for walls.
Brackets to allow me to make portable risers (pack flat, assemble when I get there)

Here's what's left to do/get:

I need to get table risers to put under the table.  This will bring the table up to about 36 inches tall (a bit less than counter height)
I need 4 photographs of more work printed BIG.  I hope to get pictures taken tomorrow.

So you may remember that when I first talked about doing the booth, one of the designs had purple pedestals along with the pink table.  I still like that design better, but don't want to deal with some of the issues of getting all of the display items across country on a plane.  I found some "portable" pedestals that were pretty expensive, so I decided to save my cash and go without.  Maybe next year.

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