Friday, October 14, 2011

Resin jewelry making challenges

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I've been working on a new resin project using bottle caps. It appears as though the resin gods though I had forgotten the first rule of working with resin: the resin always wins.  It doesn't matter how much I work with resin; I always have something MORE to learn about it.

Last I left you, I had glued artwork into the bottom of recycled bottle caps with the plastic inserts removed.  Here's a few of the snags I've encountered:

This is a 'flat' bubble.  Why it chose to get squished horizontally is beyond me.  The zoom in my camera actually allows me to see that it's a bubble.  If I look at it with my 'everyday getting older eyeballs', it looks more like a big piece of glitter reflecting light back.

I also had just the garden variety large bubbles as well.  The first time this happened, I thought I hadn't checked the resin very well after pouring, so I triple checked with the next batch.  Everything was good, yet when I came back two hours later, two of the bottle caps had bubbles.  When I poured a couple of batches today, I decided to use my hot air gun instead of a straw to get the bubbles out.  It got the bubbles out, but the force of the air also pushed up bubbles from under the paper.  Apparently, I'm trapping air underneath the art which is escaping later.

I've also had a few with a lot of small bubbles.  I don't know how this happened either.

So for the few that have turned out well, I have to look for cat hair.  Thanks Karma.

To keep these mistakes from happening again, I poured a very thin layer of resin to cover the art.  This should allow bubbles to escape easier in case they show up later.  (I can always add another layer if I decide I don't like the thinness.)  I'll let you know how that works out.

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