Monday, February 14, 2011

Cleaning up my art jewelry office

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Let me just say right up front that I hate cleaning.  I find it a complete waste of time because I can do it and in four hours, it goes back to looking like chaos.  Perhaps I'm not doing it right, but Hurricane Three Boys might have something to do with it too.  I'm halfway through working on my office and thought if I could somehow make a blog post out of this, it might be worthwhile.  LOL

I cleaned out a drawer in my filing cabinet to make room for new folders.  I do know getting stuff filed is important (for me anyway) to keep stuff from evaporating into dust.

This is "File 13".  Anything that I couldn't find a good reason for it to stay goes here.  This file gets dumped every Tuesday.  (insert hysterical cackling here).

I'm hoping one of these days that I will win a home office makeover.  Although if I did, I would probably convince someone that my office is in my kitchen.  "Yes, I think new countertops would be lovely....."

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