Thursday, February 03, 2011

Grow "some" or get a therapist

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*This is a part of my "Thursday rant" series when I discuss something that has mildly irked or seriously peeved me this week.

Lots of time, the TV is on at my house for nothing else but noise.  I play a lot of the music channels, but sometimes I do like to hear some talk, especially while I'm working.  I happened to be listening to the Rachel Ray show last Friday and caught her on air apology to the costume designer of the the show, Dancing with the Stars.  Now I don't know what you think of Rachel, but she seems like the kind of neighbor I would want.  Always has something good in the oven, can chat it up over the kitchen table, and would probably tell you if you had spinach stuck in your teeth.  I really don't catch the show very often, so I wasn't aware that she has made it clear that she won't be wearing any of the skimpy costumes on Dancing with the Stars.  I say the same thing, but between the two of us, apparently she's the one that got someone cranked about it.

You see, the costume designer/creator of Dancing with the Stars wrote to her b*tchin' that he didn't like her saying that she, personally, would not wear one of his costumes.  Now, I don't have the context of how she said it on earlier shows, but I did see how she answered him on her show that day.  To paraphrase her, Rachel Ray sincerely apologized for hurting his feelings.  She acknowledged that the designer and his staff work very hard on these costumes, but she herself couldn't see wearing one of these.

You would think that would be the end of it, wouldn't you?

No, instead he wrote to her over the weekend, explaining that her apology wasn't good enough.  (I'm paraphrasing here again.)  He wasn't satisfied.  Seriously?  Can you be that into yourself that if someone is respectful of what you do, but doesn't find interest in it, that you have the right to be a bully?  So the times at art shows, where I've heard that I have "nicely made" or "artistic jewelry", but "it's just not my style", I should get these people down and beat them until they offer up an apology and their next born child?

Rachel (I figure if I'm going to stand up for her, we can be on a first name basis), being the class act she is apologized again and talked to the man on air.  My message to her, "You've done everything right.  You can't help that he's got an esteem problem and feels the need to take it out on you."  I, personally, will offer beat him down until he explodes until a billion glittery pieces if he bothers you again.  LOL

My advice to him:  get a life, grow some 'nads, or get a really good therapist.


  1. Wow, that is low self esteem. I think she handled that really well, seems she did more then she needed to. For him it could be a case of any publicity is good publicity.

  2. Completely annoying. Rachel rocks and doesn't need to hear stuff from ugly people.


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