Monday, July 26, 2010

New jewelry making books added to my library

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I love jewelry making books.  They are one of those things that I can never have too many of.  Whenever I'm close to a book store such as Borders or Barnes & Noble, I always have to stop in and see what's new.  Such was the case a couple of nights ago.

I found two books on jewelry making and metalsmithing techniques from an author I had never heard of.  Both books are by Anastasia Young, a jewelry artist from London.  At first look, I wasn't sure that I was going to learn anything or find out anything new from any of my other resource books.  The more I kept looking at the books, however, the more I liked her straightforward, factual approach to metalsmithing.  I also like that she includes practical examples and projects in order to learn different jewelry making techniques. 

It is definitely on my to-do list this week to enjoy these books over a glass of wine.

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