Monday, July 12, 2010

Making resin jewelry bracelets, Part 3

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(In case you missed other posts you can read part 1 and part 2)

I wear nitrile gloves whenever I'm working with resin.  The resin can be irritating to the skin and it's downright sticky.  I always use nitrile gloves (versus latex) because some types of resin will react with latex.  I use small plastic mixing cups (seen on the far left) with graduations on the side.  It allows me to visually measure exact amounts of resin.  (These happen to be cups with dram marks on the side.)

These are the finished, sealed papers.  They have been cut and sealed twice.

To make these resin bracelet links, I will be using a clear, plastic mold.  This will allow me to lift up the mold and see if there are any bubbles trapped underneath the papers once I place them.

Since I pour resin at odd hours of the day and night, (and this time was no exception), I don't have anyone available to take pictures of the pouring process.  To give you a mental image here, I mix the two cups of carefully measured resin together and pour into the mold.

I only pour the mold about halfway full.  I then carefully slide the sealed paper into the mold with the back side facing me.  I lift each mold to see if there are bubbles trapped underneath the papers.  If there are, I use a toothpick to tap the papers and the heat from my heat gun (the blue thing in the picture) to draw the bubbles out.

Once everything is poured, I cover the resin molds and let them sit to cure.  The initial cure takes about 24 hours.

The next step:  adding color to the back.

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