Monday, July 05, 2010

A visit to a local bakery

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So who doesn't love a good cupcake?  I read an article in the Gainesville Sun and the Florida Alligator featuring a new cupcake bakery, Yum Cupcakery,  that had opened in town.  It was started by recent University of Florida graduates Claire and Stephanie Browning.  I sent them a note of congratulations and they invited me by for a visit.

I was immediately struck by all the cupcake choices they had!  Pick your cake, then a filling and a frosting,  Finish it off with your favorite topping.

They were, of course, filling orders while I was there.  (That's Stephanie behind the counter.)  I couldn't possibly leave without a few cupcakes.  (Especially since my little peeps were mad they weren't going with me.)

This one's for me.  :) Carrot cake with a cream cheese icing.  It was just as good as it looks.

This is is strawberry cake with a chocolate filling and icing.  Stephanie is drizzling a fruit glaze on top.

There are two large trays of topping possibilities.

My order is partially finished.  The one in the front with the sprinkles is just a simple vanilla cake and vanilla icing.

Here are Stephanie (left) and Claire (right) with my finished order.  The family just loved them!

While I was there, Claire and Stephanie asked if I could come up with some "cupcake jewelry" for their store.  Wow!  I am thrilled to be asked!  As it so has it, there are a few things on the design table that I think will be a good fit. 

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